Our Story

Our Roots run deep!

In 2013 Claude and his wife, Sheril, moved to Northern Colorado to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Claude’s passion for homebrewing and exploring craft beer grew while living in Northern Colorado.  During that time he joined the homebrew club in Loveland, CO and expanded his knowledge of brewing and the world of beer styles. Let’s be honest here, Claude also really enjoyed the “research” aspect of craft beer when drinking a cold beer in their backyard. When Claude and Sheril decided it was time to move forward with their plans to open a brewery of their own, they were stumped in naming it until one day Sheril was swinging on their red swing in the 50 year old maple tree in the backyard. “Red Swing!” she exclaimed to Claude. Forward to today at the brewery, the name embodies the emotion of community, family, friends and living a good life.

We would love to invite you to swing on by and join our community and cultivate your own deep roots!